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katya gorker was born in Moscow on the day Chairman Mao died and immigrated to the U.S with her family in 1981, the tail end of the cold war. As a Russian immigrant grappling with cultural identity, katya has always been sensitive to language and the complexities of translating personal experiences.


She received her BFA in Filmmaking from the Massachusetts College of Art. Upon graduating, Katya spent the next 6 years massaging celluloid as an arthouse and film festival projectionist, itinerant archivist and multimedia curator. In 2000, she co-founded the Berwick Research Institute in Boston, a 501 c-3 not-for-profit arts organization that nurtured the experimentation of conceptually challenging work from emerging artists outside the pressures of commercial production. Her interests in film range from the immediacy of digital media’s impact on time and collective memory to personal ethnography and the shifting boundaries of cultural identity. She received her MFA from Temple University in 2012.






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interdicciplinary  practic grounded in time-based media - my work examines and celebrates the sublime banalities of everyday life, translating the human experience with surrogates: animation, live action ventriloquism and performance. Gender and identity, genre and modalities, form and content - theory and practice.  I am a hoarder of images, an archivist of temporary moments- and so many film/video projects begin in one form, rest and return as sculptural object, multi channel installation or a footnote in a grander gesture...etc. as an artist I work in one way- I love collaboration. duh







teach / think

my interests in film/art time based media intesect the user design/ experience as a natural expression of learning styles- I beoive in the power of metaphor to stitch meaningufl ideas across personal expereince- interests in experiemtnal film / genre bending - adapation and integration- nonbinary modaulity..  power of visual languag to ocmmunite emotional worlds.. i try to challenge my students ...



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